The Authors



Beatrice Colin (photo)

Beatrice Colin

Beatrice grew up in the Scottish countryside and spent most of her childhood playing long complicated games in the garden with her brothers and friends. When it wasn’t raining, they would dress up, climb trees and imagine they were anywhere from medieval castles to German prisoner of war camps. When she grew up she started writing novels and plays for radio - so nothing has really changed.

When she isn’t imagining she is somewhere else, Beatrice likes playing the piano and going for picnics with her two children. My Invisible Sister is her first book for younger readers but she enjoyed it so much she is already hard at work on another. You can read more about Beatrice and her work on

Sara Pinto

Sara Pinto was born in Chicago but lived all over the place, moving here and there, always brushing up on her skills at being the new kid in school. She loved playing with her trolls (those really ugly dolls with the crazy hair), making huts and parking lots for them outside in the yard.

Her favorite thing to do was put blankets on the porch and watch the rain fall with her little sister. Sara loved making things and coming up with silly stories. She was lucky enough to have a series of very interesting, encouraging art teachers in school who helped her to realize that she could continue this kind of fun when she was a grown up. These days, she's writing and illustrating picture books for kids, making goofy animated movies and having fun with her husband and two sons, living in magical Scotland. My Invisible Sister is her first chapter book and the first time she's written something with another person. And what a blast it was! You can learn more about Sara and her other books at

Sara Pinto (photo)