Press Reviews


“I was on the edge of my seat. What a ride! My favourite book. Ever.” - Bertie Einstein

“A rip-roaring, laugh-out-loud, belly-giggle of a book. Everyone should have an invisible sister like Elizabeth.” - William P. Shakespeare

"It's not easy living with an invisible older sister, as 10-year-old Frank relates in this entertaining, first person narrative. Invisible since birth, Elizabeth has trouble fitting in socially. When she acts up, using her invisibility with imagination and spite, the whole family suffers and eventually moves . . . again. Now that they’ve settled in a new neighborhood, their eighth in 10 years, Frank desperately longs to stay. But how can he ensure the happiness of his difficult 13-year-old sister, whose affliction makes her both a freak and a nonentity in junior high? Basically a realistic novel with one major element of magic, this would be a good choice for readers who wouldn’t choose to read a fantasy but need one for a genre assignment. The wry, sympathetic narrator tells a story that is well paced and sometimes funny, though the ending raises questions that aren’t answered here. With inviting cover art and a concept that’s easy to booktalk, this short chapter book should find a ready audience."— Booklist


"What a great read! Couldn't put it down!" - Charles Chaplin

"Reads like a dream, funny, wise and witty." - J. Caesar